Network Infrastructure Solutions

Today’s network challenges

Your applications are increasingly demanding high quality bandwidth. Your employees must frequently collaborate with customers and each other across geographic and organizational boundaries, which mandates a network robust enough to support videoconferencing and other online collaboration tools. Mobile employees with many new devices need secure and ubiquitous access to the network. And virtualization technologies and cloud computing strategies are entirely changing the face of enterprise networking. But you can’t just add bandwidth to meet these needs.

Most corporate network infrastructure consists of multiple disparate networks—each one developed to support specific applications for voice, data, and storage. But managing these separate networks is difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

The solution?

A converged network - a single network that supports voice, data, video, and storage. Yet a simple converged network alone can’t handle all the demands now being placed on the enterprise network.

Zerone has the Answer

A converged network that is application fluent, which optimizes performance for each application by dynamically adapting to its unique requirements. Solutions designed and deployed by Zerone would provide a simplified and resilient low-latency network with reduced operational complexity to deliver a high-quality experience to users.

The result?

Reduced complexity and cost with the flexibility and performance needed to support critical business requirements.

Our network infrastructure solution ranges from

  • Data Center Switching
  • LAN Switches
  • WAN Routers
  • WLAN Switches
  • WLAN Access Points
  • WLAN Management Software

We are Premium Partners to Alcatel Lucent which is leading the innovations in this networking field.