Systems & Storage

Storage systems are crucial in reliable telecommunication services. Telecommunication technology is changing and developing, making it mandatory to modify the way we design storage systems. Communication service providers must use new approaches to data storage at affordable rates in the midst of intense competition, proliferation of new devices, and new technologies like cloud and analytics.

Power Solutions

With a high level of complexity involved in current telecommunication systems, power supply systems must be highly reliable. Zerone Technology offers a package of increased output power, energy efficiency and power density to ensure that there is no interruption in the work stream. Our system secures telecommunication services in case of fluctuations or power interruptions. We provide a broad range of power systems. The system includes rectifiers and batteries to convert DC into AC, maximizes battery life, additional AC lines in certain problematic locations, expandable renewable energy sources and cost savings.


Zerone Technologies provides an IP based network supplemented with additional multimedia services video, audio and text messages. With a private broadband, you are limited to your group of users configured to the requirements of your organization. When you log into IPTV, you can enjoy a personalized, individualized service with complete privacy and security, with your own password.

Media Hubs

Data is transferred using different types of media. Zerone Technologies offers transmission and storage tools or channels for data storage and transmission. Media Hub is an open standards-based solution for managing work processes of companies. You can create, manage and distribute data by integrating media tools in the most flexible and dynamic ways so that work flow continues efficiently.