We all have a right to safety and security. Security of life, data and business has become a vital issue in this age. You may be lax regarding security but criminals are on their toes, constantly on the lookout for chances of theft. When they notice that there is no security system in your premises, you become easy targets. When a CCTV solution system is installed, it wards off thieves and dacoits. There are people who want easy money and they can go to any extent to get it. The business that you set up with hard work and nurture with care has to be protected. You are not only responsible for the property and materials but also the safety of your employees. When thieves possess gadgets and devices of superior quality to utilize for theft, you need to be a step ahead of them. The best security device that provides complete security is a CCTV camera that is a Closed Circuit Television System.

A CCTV camera can be installed at a selected point where maximum traffic is observed or where there are chances of theft. If necessary, several CCTV cameras can be installed at vantage points. A CCTV camera is very tiny and hardly visible; it can be concealed from view so that thieves cannot destroy it. The camera continuously records whatever happens within its preview. The recorded film can be viewed later any number of times. It is also possible to view an area on a monitor screen. These types of screens are installed in supermarkets, schools and colleges. Hence, surveillance and remote monitoring are both possible with CCTV cameras. CCTV recorders and cameras are available in different forms and sizes to meet your needs.

Significance of security in business

Security in business is required in manufacturing units or offices /administrative departments.

Factories or manufacturing workshops:

  • All kinds of small and big machines are set up in factories. People can deliberately damage the machines or replace/steal some vital parts. Tiny cards are inserted in some programming machines. Anyone can easily pocket the cards.
  • Quite often small tools and equipment lie around big machinery. There are small measuring scales, screw drivers, hammers etc. which can be placed in small bags and carried away.
  • People with untoward intentions are likely to mishandle machines so that the manufacturing process is affected.
  • Vital confidential processes function in a workshop. It has to be restricted to employees. Outsiders may find their way inside with bad intentions.

Offices and administrative departments

  • All important documents and files in the form of hard copies are stored in offices. They may be under lock and key but it is easy to break locks and pilfer documents.
  • Strangers may enter an office and peep into confidential documents. Employees are likely to copy matter on pen drives and smuggle it out of the office premises.
  • Employees may doze off, avoid work, while away time, chat with friends and indulge in activities other than office work. The CCTV camera catches everything that goes on in the office.
  • Some employees may misuse computers for private work or social networking.
  • CCTV cameras installed near gates and entrances can pick up images of all those who enter.
  • Late comers can be identified, especially those who come late frequently and action can be taken against them.

Advantages of CCTV Solution

  • Crime can be detected online and offline.
  • Events are automatically recorded and the film can be viewed later.
  • It is possible to install a single camera at a selected spot, probably at the entrance or a complex and elaborate system consisting of hundreds of cameras can be installed in a large campus.
  • When a notice is displayed that premises are under CCTV surveillance, burglars become wary and deter from committing crime.
  • People in camera preview feel safe and secure.
  • Thieves can be identified when events in a crime scene are recorded.
  • CCTV footage can be shared via email or other electronic media.
  • It is possible to keep watch over premises from anywhere in the world.
  • Managers can keep control over employees as well as outsiders.
  • Employees cannot lie to higher authorities.
  • Accidents, fires etc. can be immediately noticed and the right action can be taken.
  • It is helpful to procure insurance and accident claims when evidence of accidents etc. are available in the footage.

Hence, on the whole, CCTV solution system enables a company to save loss which is another way of saying that the company can make more profits.

Rules and regulations

There are fixed rules and regulations for installing CCTV cameras. People have a right to view their own records. The records cannot be preserved indefinitely; they have to be destroyed after a specified period of time. Records cannot be used illegally for spoiling the images of people and accusing them. The records are only allowed as evidence in case anyone is accused of committing crime by the law. Moreover, the records need to be authorized by the judge if they are to be used as evidence against a criminal in the court of law. Hence, those who ac within the law may be fearless, and need not worry those records will be misused against them. These rules make installation of CCTV cameras a serious affair.

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