Zerone Technologies is a wholly owned IT subsidiary of Al Sulaiman Holdings, Qatar. It offers products and solutions on IT, Telecom infrastructure and software solutions for fulfilling the IT needs of large and small enterprises.

Zerone Technologies is based in Qatar and is spreading its functions far and wide across national borders. It has a branch in Pune, Maharashtra, India where it has established itself firmly and caters to prestigious clients in the western and central Indian peninsula.

In view of its recent expansion and future prospects, Zerone Technologies has now moved to a bigger office space at East Court, Phoenix, Pune. The new office is located in a thriving commercial hub in Pune city, with numerous IT companies in the vicinity. Clients will now be able to access the office easily and quickly, without having to drive through crowded city streets.

Zerone Technologies awaits an opportunity to serve clients, operating from the spacious new office at a premium location.