Zerone Technologies has successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 with modules including Financials, Trade and Logistics, Projects, HR, Payroll and Management Reporter and various utility modules at Shelter Qatar WLL, Doha, Qatar.

Zerone Technologies excels in implementing the latest technologies in a variety of areas. The company is well-known as a service provider for Microsoft Dynamics and constant upgradation in implementation of latest packages. A new achievement of Zerone Technologies is the successful implementation of Microsoft 365 on home grounds in Qatar in a construction company, following similar experiment in a wood designing company.

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at Shelter Qatar WLL, Doha, includes a complete range of modules like accounts and financials as well as Trade and logistics, projects, HR, payroll and management reporter. With this new package, the company experiences a whole new experience in every aspect. There is a complete transformation and enhancement in the functioning in every department of the Construction Company, ensuring quality, and accuracy, ease of operations, smooth communication and technological edge to every business activity. The professional dimension of the company is sharpened by the programme, adding to its status in the competitive market.

Zerone Technologies is now ready for providing Microsoft Dynamics 365 services in new areas of operation, with valuable experience at hand and a track record of continuous success.