Technological solutions to our everyday problems have been the limelight of this century. But what is the next step towards future? The answer lies in all remedies that give your business a competitive edge against others in the industry. IT resources today are varied and widely available so what gives you an advantage is their smart usage according to your business’s requirements. Zerone Technologies provides different businesses and users with Alcatel Lucent Telephony solutions configured according to the respective business structure, size, resources and plans ahead.

What are Alcatel Lucent Telephony Solutions?

However consumer centric businesses may be, they stand strong on the very important pedestal of communications. Communications ensure smooth operational activities and eliminate the chances of mismanagement. But communication systems have changed and the new era has brought forth IP Communications solutions- Alcatel Lucent telephony solutions being one of them. Zerone Technologies, partnered with the innovative Alcatel-Lucent, furnishes high quality communication solutions and designs according to your entire business model or specific areas of business requiring communication planning.

Alcatel-Lucent solutions for every kind of user:

Each enterprise has different kind of needs when it comes to communication. It can be an in- house communication difficulty or customer service and communication difficulty. Taking in consideration all the possible kinds of use and needs of communication, solutions are externalized to the following kinds of users:

  • Office desk worker: In- house personnel that manage business operations from the desk can be connected to both in-house and off-site personnel.
  • Off-site personnel: Mobile telephonic services that offer better connectivity in hard to reach areas are provided for better communication and efficiency.
  • In-house mobile options: For team workers and projects where audio-conferencing systems are needed to increase team productivity and lower the conference service fee.
  • Reception: Taped audio for attending and directing various callers to right departments with maximum information and multi-tasking options.

Move a step ahead:

Zerone Technologies is a system integration company that provides well-structured, specific solutions to various enterprises. The increased presence in major enterprise-centric economies- Qatar and India is only illustrative of the company’s growth and market presence. The only focus of the company is to put you in the lead and help your enterprise overcome management woes for an increased productivity.

Alcatel-Lucent solutions, consequently, provide you with the following benefits:

  • Employee efficiency: Skilled personnel will do well individually but as a team, zero communication gaps are bound to do better.
  • Swift performance: Availability of answers, statistics, records, information at hand would result in smarter operations of the enterprise. This takes the management level of the company up a notch and thus, so will the business returns.
  • Security: The IP Infrastructure of the company is not just equipped with flexible design but also with security settings so that the privacy of the enterprise is maintained. Information is the most expensive currency today and Zerone Technologies understands this.
  • Customer Care: With all operations set aside, customers deserve a separate level of care and services. Alcatel-Lucent solutions provide for greetings centre and contact solutions so that you retain your old and new customers alike.