In spite of the growth of social media, corporates in several countries including Qatar, Bahrain & UAE continue to use emails for communications in a big way. Thousands of emails are sent and received daily as part of performing crucial business activities. Though the utility value of the emails is an accepted fact, many organizations in Qatar, UAE, Bahrain & India continue to use the free services offered by email hosting service providers such as Gmail and others to carry out their business functions. Unfortunately, free email accounts do not provide corporates with the advantages that professional email services offer. As such, it is very important that businesses opt for the services of a corporate email solutions provider so that they can enjoy a competitive advantage.

However, choosing the right service provider for your business is a challenging task. This is because each business is unique and the requirements are different. In addition, there are a number of players out there in the market. So, it is essential that you take a few things into consideration before choosing the best corporate email solutions provider. Some of the key aspects are as follows:

#1 Security

Websites of many businesses have been hacked and data stolen by cyber thieves. Therefore, the primary aspect to be considered is the ability of the service provider to ensure data security. The important considerations in this regard include the following:
Determining the security level you require

  • Use of firewalls

  • Physical security put in place

  • Encryption safeguards and password policies of the provider

#2 Reliability

A reliable corporate email solution provider will be trustworthy and would often be endorsed by many users.

#3 Spam Filter & Antivirus

It is important to find out whether the email service provider offers protection against spam, viruses, and ransomware. This provides additional protection to your customer data because suspect emails will be stopped before they can cause any harm. A spam filter saves time and increases efficiency.

#4 User Friendliness

It goes without saying that the corporate email solution offered should be easy to use. Such a solution would come with a comprehensive control panel so that you enjoy a great emailing experience. It also helps in optimizing time and efforts when you communicate with your clients.

#5 Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

The corporate email solution offered by a provider should be efficient in meeting the needs of your business and your customers. This includes cost-effectiveness as well. In simple terms, the solution should provide the best service at very competitive rates. Other factors to be considered in this regard are the availability of technical support, multiple email service options, and fast and easy activation, among others.

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