The impact of technological advancements in the field of communication over the past couple of decades has been tremendous. In fact, it has changed the way both individuals and businesses communicate. In the case of businesses, the reliability and affordability of the telecommunication services is crucial their success. In this digital era, companies cannot hope to perform better without telephone lines and Internet connectivity and telephone lines. Actually, what they need is access to telecommunication systems with high bandwidth. Zerone Technologies is one of the leading Systems Integration companies. Zerone offers Telecom Infrastructure technologies including products, services, and IT solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. The company has a dedicated, motivated, technically strong, and service-oriented team of professionals who are keen to fulfill all of our customers’ needs. Zerone Technologies has the expertise and experience to deploy infrastructure technology solutions on a turnkey basis. The infrastructure technologies offered by Zerone are:

Structured Cabling

The backbone of any IT network is the cabling system. Zerone has the expertise to design and deploy sophisticated, robust, and secure structured cabling solutions suitable for high-speed Data, Voice, and Video transmission. Cabling solutions offered by Zerone can be classified as Fiber systems, Copper systems, Datacenter systems, and Intelligent Infrastructure systems. The structured cabling solutions that the company offers come with manufacturing warranty for 25 years. The company has partnered with leading manufacturers in the industry such as BrandRex and Schneider, among others, for the purpose of providing cabling solutions.

Active Data Networking

The best solution for today’s demand for high-quality bandwidth and a robust and secure network that supports video conferencing as well as other collaborative tools is a converged network. However, all that is being demanded of an enterprise network cannot be served by a simple converged network. What is needed is an application fluent converged network that has the ability to optimize performance by adapting dynamically to the unique requirements. Fortunately, this is what Zerone Technologies specializes in. The company provides enterprises with a simple and robust low-latency network that reduces operational complexity and delivers and best experiences to users. Zerone partners with Alcatel Lucent to provide network infrastructure solutions.

IP and Hybrid Voice Solutions

An Enterprise Voice System provides several benefits. They include the following:

  • Ability to associate telephone numbers with users’ accounts
  • The flexibility that PBX system often fails to provide
  • Ability to make visual calls, mute, transfer, and end calls at the touch of a button
  • Call forwarding

The Enterprise Voice Systems provided by Zerone Technologies help businesses reduce their communication costs. Zerone has tied up with Alcatel Lucent for providing IP Telephony solutions. It does not really matter as how many users are there in the enterprise at all. The feature-rich Alcatel Lucent IP Telephony systems always provide the most reliable performance.

Network Management Solutions

Network Management Solutions simplify the process of controlling the devices deployed in Data, Wireless, and Communications networks by providing a set of tools and components. These systems help managers in keeping an eye on the network activity, configuring and troubleshooting devices, and managing the network from one point. The Network Management Systems make use of true server/architecture. This enables many users to access the services at the same time. Further, they can be easily integrated into the enterprise’s existing network and the access rights get configured by the embedded security agent.

Collaborative Conversion Solutions

Customer satisfaction is definitely dependent on the quality and value addition that an enterprise’s product or service provides. However, the other aspects that matter a lot are:

  • How quickly and easily customers, suppliers, and partners can get in touch with enterprises
  • How an enterprise maintains relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners
  • Does the enterprise remain online until the questions of customers, suppliers, and partners are all addressed

The advantage of enterprises partnering with Zerone Technologies is that businesses will be in a better position to get across to the right audience with the help of appropriate devices at the best times.

Systems and Storage

Intense competition, new technologies such as the analytics and cloud, and the availability of a large number of new devices are putting pressure on communications service providers to employ new data storage approaches that are more affordable. Zerone Technologies offers highly reliable power solutions that provide increased output power, power density, and energy efficiency so that the work streams of enterprises are not interrupted. Further, Zerone offers IP based networks that are supplemented with multimedia services and tools for data transmission and storage.