As your business expands, it is imperative to focus on your core capabilities. You require best IT resources to support your key business operations as you grow.

A secure and efficient IT infrastructure is an important element in business growth and success. Businesses needs to be technologically ready to provide the right tools and decision support system to move forward. Balancing these requirements in-house would unnecessarily burden your business resources.

With that, IT outsourcing is the key to taking care of your IT infrastructure and application needs while allowing you to concentrate on your core business competencies.

For all major companies, we develop and streamline SLA and or BLA, which provides an appropriate level of support covering at an acceptable cost. This would not only allow us to help our clients with their day-to-day IT operational issues but also help support and maintain their current infrastructure to minimize any potential issue.

  • keep systems running in optimal condition while customers focus on incrementing their core business function
  • reduce customers business risk by investing in the correct services and technologies
  • Minimise or resolve your IT recruitment issues
  • deliver flexibility and scalability to grow customers business in the current and future market
  • develop a business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan
  • and many more

At Zerone, we understand that a reliable yet flexible infrastructure is of high importance for customers business. We enable them to optimise infrastructure costs, while ensuring performance, quality and technology are not compromised. With our effective IT infrastructure maintenance, we safeguard data against external attacks, intrusions and other threats.

Our professionals plan and make sure use of only tested hardware and software components, with evaluated performance. With our expert services, we will make sure systems operate well and offer high performance.

We offer regular maintenance and trouble-shooting services for database, application system, network and hardware. Our IT infrastructure maintenance services include:

  • Product update service
  • Technical exchange and Support
  • IT Strategy Planning
  • Performance Optimization
  • System Integration