It is important for businesses to invest in the right technologies in order to protect their employees as well the visitors to their site, and also for the success of their company. As a business owner, you would love that your premises remain open and welcoming all the time, making it easy and convenient for staff members and visitors to move around the premises. At the same time, you also want to ensure protection from intruders. However, it is the reliable operation of Access Control and Alarm Management systems that secure the future of your business and the lives of people.

Access Control Systems

The benefits of employing access control systems at business premises include the following:

  • Deter vandalism and break-ins
  • Restrict entry into sensitive areas
  • Maintain a record of who entered through which door
  • Help manage visitors’ access points
  • Analyze traffic patterns
  • Provide employee time data

Different types of credential readers can be made use of depending on your specific needs. They include the keypads, swipe cards or smart cards with a magnetic strip or a chip, proximity cards, biometric devices that recognize fingerprints, iris, or facial features.

The central core of any access management system is the software which enables you to specify as to who can be given access to which areas and at what times. Then automatic electronic control keeps the operable physical barriers such as doors and gates virtually locked at other times.

Alarm Management Systems

Alarm management is all about protecting people and property with reliable security. Integrated alarm management systems are available for all types of requirements ranging from simple installations to large projects. The alarm systems are integrated seamlessly with smoke detection devices, other automation devices, and video cameras. Alarm management can be customized to address the specific challenges faced by you.

As alarm management systems deliver integrated security solutions, you will be able to correlate events and alarm information with the help of one powerful interface. Any event triggers a set of actions within the system, including displaying live video on monitors using images captured by cameras, recording of the event, and setting up alarms, among others.


Zerone Technologies

Zerone Technologies is a leading systems integrator and has expertise in establishing IT infrastructure and development of software. We employ cutting-edge technology when it comes offering the complete range of access control and alarm management solutions that ensure peace of mind to you by facilitating and ensuring the safety and security of people and equipment. Our access control and alarm management systems, empower you to prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing sensitive areas within your business premises. You can also restrict access to specific areas as well with the help of our systems.

The access control solutions offered by us include the following:

  • Electronic Access Control
  • Biometrics
  • Photo I.D. Badging
  • Visitor Management
  • Bullard’s, Turnstiles, Raising Arm Barriers

Finally, we offer access control solutions that are highly scalable. They range from single door access to enterprise-wide multi-campus solutions.