A state-of-the-art command and control system is very helpful in improving the efficiency of the operators and optimizing your performance through effective address management. Some of the key features of such a system are as follows:


A flexible command and control system allows you to manage a number of control room workstations located at different places. Control rooms may be located at various sites away from data centers as it supports the system’s virtualized views. This enables multiple agencies to manage the operation of one infrastructure. This feature also provides you with the ability to detect secondary servers at any location as it has the potential to manage operations from local data centers or those that are geographically separated.

Supports Your Operators

A command and control system’s design is such that it supports the operators and streamlines the manner in which performance, resources, and incidents are managed. This is to say that the system helps operators in doing their jobs in a more effective manner as it focuses on facilitating their activities. Operators would be able able to complete their work faster. For example, taking calls and matching addresses with the help of a command and control system enables operators to quickly identify locations more accurately. It minimizes the stress levels experienced by the operators, especially when dealing with emergency calls.

Efficient Address Management

One of the key features of a flexible command and control system is that it starts the search process as the operator begins to type. The full-premise option of the system for searching addresses finds out the correct address rather quickly not only because it doesn’t mind spelling mistakes but also due to the fact that it factors in address details that are entered in the wrong order. Moreover, the system optimizes location matching because it contains a large volume of data. This feature contributes a lot to reducing operator stress as well as anxiety because of the increased accuracy in the verification of addresses.

Increased Efficiency

The new generation command and control systems for emergency services are designed on the basis of inputs received from people who have many years of experience in the field. As such, they enable you to improve operational efficiency and enjoy great user experience. They offer increased front-end as well as back-office efficiency so that the latest and most up-to-date information is always available to the frontline operators. Moreover, the systems can be easily integrated across systems that are already in operation.

Zerone Technologies

As one of the leading Systems Integration Companies, Zerone Technologies offers Command and Control Platforms that are customized to meet the technical as well as the operational needs of their customers. The key aspect of Zerone’s offering is a cost-effective, scalable, and intuitive graphical user interface that enables the implementation of User-Defined responses and Security Policies for any organization.

The ability of Zerone’s Command and Control Systems to log all activities and events (historical data and videos captured) supports organizations in the management of security at critical infrastructural project sites such as seaports, airports, campus environments, and industrial facilities including oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and chemical plants.

At Zerone, we employ innovative software to integrate the independent sub-systems so that they can be operated from one user interface. This makes it convenient to customize and integrate the implementation of security policies and/or procedures.