Security is a matter of major concern for most businesses. The decision makers, especially as regards technology, want to ensure the safety of their employees, offices, and data. This has resulted in the development and installation of different security systems organizations. They include access control systems for enabling restricted access to buildings and monitoring entry and exit of permitted users, video surveillance systems that keep a watchful eye on the valuable assets, and fire detection as well as suppression systems that prevent emergencies from becoming catastrophes. A physical security information management (PSIM) system, a software category, helps to unify all equipment installed for ensuring physical security into a single user interface and make their management simple and easy.

Key Capabilities of the PSIM System

  • Data collection: Independent device management software collects data from several disparate security devices and other systems.
  • Analysis: The system then analyzes and correlates the collected data, alarms, and events in order to identify and assess real situations and their significance.
  • Verification: PSIM software has built-in capability to present the information related to a situation quickly and in an easily digestible format so as to enable the operator to validate the same.
  • Resolution: The PSIM system comes with standard operating procedures, step-by-step instructions that are developed keeping in mind best practices and the policies of an organization, and the tools that are required to resolve different situations.
  • Reporting: The software tracks all relevant information and the steps involved for the purpose of compliance reporting, training, and in-depth investigative analysis.
  • Audit trail: The PSIM system also monitors the interaction of each operator with the system, tracks manual changes effected to security systems, and determines the reaction time for each event.

Traditionally, the systems such as access control, intercoms, telephone systems, video surveillance, intrusion detection, biometrics, pagers, smartphones, gate control, Mass Notification Systems, and fire detection/suppression are operated independently of each another. The PSIM system collects data from the existing disparate security devices as well as information systems and correlates events to empower the personnel responsible for the identification and resolution of situations. The benefits enjoyed by organizations that opt for PSIM integration include increased control and improved awareness about situations and management reporting. It also allows organizations to cut down costs because of improved efficiency and enhanced security by way of increased intelligence.

physical-security-information-managementPSIM Solution from Zerone Technologies

Zerone Technologies is an established systems integration company and it provides products and services for IT and telecom sectors and develops software solutions for large, medium, and small enterprises. Our PSIM solution allows customers to integrate as well as control multiple disparate security systems and devices through a comprehensive user interface. It empowers personnel to identify and proactively resolve situations related to technology systems such as video, access control, analytics, sensors, networks, and buildings, among others.

Zerone’s PSIM systems offer several benefits including increased control, improved awareness about situations, and generation of in-depth reports. Zerone’s PSIM solutions can integrate      Access Control Systems, Fire and Intrusion Detection, IP CCTV, Video Walls, GIS Mapping, Intercom, Building Management Systems, Automated Barriers, Lighting Control Systems, SCADA, Power Monitoring, etc.