Security is by far one of the major concerns as far as businesses are concerned. Organizations constantly strive to improve the safety of the employees, data, and offices, among many other aspects. This has led to the development as well as installation of various security systems in and around business premises, ranging from access control systems (for restricting access to buildings as well as monitoring entry and/or exit of users), video surveillance systems for keeping an eye on assets, fire detections, and preventing pilferage and theft. The security systems are monitored from a common console with the help of a physical security information management system (PSIMS). In this post, we will highlight the benefits of installing business video surveillance systems.

The key benefits of Video Surveillance Systems are:

Deterring Theft and Crime

This is one of the greatest advantages of installing video surveillance systems. It helps to deter people from theft and committing a crime, especially when they know that they are being observed. It also prevents employees from stealing goods/products from the business. Video footages help business owners to identify the real culprits so that nobody is wrongly punished.

Monitoring Activity

It is not possible for any business owner to be present everywhere all the time. However, security cameras can keep a constant vigil over the assets. Video surveillance systems help businesses in monitoring the activities of not only employees but also that of visitors on a daily basis, especially in remote sites where the presence of a responsible person is not possible at all times.

Reducing Insurance Costs

When it comes to handling compensation claims for injuries sustained at work sites, video surveillance systems provide you with the required proof as to whether the incident actually happened or not. In addition to preventing scams, installation of a video surveillance system in and around business premises helps in cutting down insurance costs. This is because many insurance providers provide discounts on premiums if surveillance cameras are installed.

Creating a Safer Workplace

Installation of video surveillance systems at entrances/exits and in parking lots helps organizations to ensure a safer workplace for their employees.

Zerone Technologies

Zerone Technologies, a well-established systems integration company, provides products as well as services for the IT and telecom sectors. The company also develops software solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Zerone’s video surveillance systems offer several advantages including better control, improved awareness as regards situations, and in-depth reports. The system integrates Access Control Systems, IP CCTV, Fire/Intrusion Detection, Video Walls, Intercom, GIS Mapping, Building Management Systems, Lighting Control Systems, SCADA, Automated Barriers, and Power Monitoring Systems, among others.