In today’s world, technology has a key role to play in connecting individuals. The technological advancements in the field of communications have presented us with sophisticated and effective systems. While individuals interact with each another with the help of electronic mediums, businesses connect with their employees, partners, and other businesses at any time wherever they are in the world.

Video conferencing technology allows individuals and businesses to visually connect as well as interact with each other. More and more businesses have started holding video conferences instead of conducting traditional meetings for running the day to day operations. Video conferencing, which is made possible by integrated software, is beneficial in many ways. Some of the key reasons as to why businesses are making the shift are:

  1. It breaks distance barriers. Businesses can reach out to many employees or other businesses at the same time.
  2. Save time as well as money because of a reduction in travel requirements.
  3. Increase productivity and improve the bottom line of the business.
  4. Organize conferences and meetings at the most opportune time as required.

Zerone Technologies Provides Video Conferencing Solutions In Qatar

As one of the leading System Integration Companies, Zerone Technologies offers a wide range of communication solutions to small, medium, and large enterprises. When it comes to providing video conferencing solutions in Qatar, the company’s offerings are:

Microsoft Office 365

Zerone Technologies is one of the leading Microsoft Office 365 partners in Qatar. Office 365 is a one-stop solution for all your management problems. As the first Cloud Accelerate partner, Zerone has the expertise help their clients access all of the Office 365 applications, including its HD video conferencing feature.


Polycom makes available the equipment that is needed for making HD video conferencing possible. In Qatar, Zerone is your trustworthy partner for the implementation of Polycom Solutions. This is because the Polycom Solutions provided by Zerone Technologies can be well integrated with Microsoft’s revolutionary video conferencing products Skype and Office 365 for businesses.

EMS Implementation

Zerone Technologies is by far the best EMS implementation partner in Qatar for many reasons. The company has the ability to adopt changes quickly and offers a wide range of services and tools as required by the clients. On implementation of EMS, employees can work from anywhere. Many people can work on one document at any given time by using devices such as phones and tablets and communication options including Skype, teleconferencing, and video conferencing.