Extra Low Voltage (ELV) solutions enable the management of various systems, other than the main electrical system, in modern buildings that need power for their operation. They include systems such as the data network, fire alarms, public alarms, sound or video devices, access control, CCTV, interruption recognition, and home mechanization, among others. Typically, the ELV systems work on a voltage of 50V AC or 120V DC. They do not refer to any specific systems but cover a wide range of seemingly unconnected solutions operating at low voltage levels.

In Qatar, Zerone Technologies, a leading systems integration company, offers comprehensive ELV solutions to construction business services. This means that instead of just supplying products such as CCTV cameras, fire detection devices, access control readers/controllers, networking products, servers, Wi-Fi, etc., we design and implement comprehensive surveillance, security, voice/data network, and many other solutions for our clients.

Benefits of Implementing ELV Solutions

Energy costs are rising by the day and there is increased pressure to implement innovative solutions to improve efficiency and cut down costs. The popularity of ELV solutions is on the rise as it comes with standardized as well as proprietary approaches for appropriate management.

The advantages of implementing ELV solutions include significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions because of lower power requirements and decreases in raw material usage due to the use of fewer cables. This results in significantly lower costs when compared with traditional LED solutions. It is these advantages that are driving the rapid growth of ELV solutions around the world.

Unified Cabling/Pathways

In traditional solutions, each system needs separate cables and pathways. Modern IP-based ELV solutions make use of the common data network. This considerably reduces cabling costs. The installation of common cables and pathways for systems is planned at the initial stages of the implementation of the project so as to identify the optimal routes by professional network designers.

Zerone Technologies offers 

  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Surveillance & CCTV Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Gate Barrier & Bollard Systems
  • IPTV / SMATV Systems

ELV Systems have Lesser Maintenance Issues

Many unforeseen problems crop up during the course of installation as well as the commissioning of traditional analogue systems. This often leads to project cost and time overruns.  The problems may include grounding issues, quality of cables or connectors, and electrical as well as ground-loop noise. In the case of IP-based solutions, there are no concerns about such issues.

ELV Systems have Lower Scalability Costs

Modern ELV solutions are based on IP systems. The network cloud consists of less expensive fibre cables. Microwave links are also made use of to interconnect remote areas seamlessly at lower costs.

Management and Troubleshooting ELV Systems Is Easy

It is much easier to manage and troubleshoot unified ELV solutions as the maintenance technicians do not have to worry about multiple cables and connections. The entire system can be managed from a centralized location with the help of a single computer. This means that there will be considerable savings on maintenance costs.

In conclusion, this is not an exhaustive list of benefits and apart from cost savings, there are other advantages as well. They include more features and functionalities and integration of varied systems.