Zerone Technologies offers world-class services that transform complex network infrastructures into dynamic and easier to maintain systems.

Continuous and progressive change in technology has changed the way we communicate. Communication procedures in business have also changed. The act of exchanging information over long distances electronically is called telecommunication. The transmission may take place through a cable or an electric wire or through free space if it is wireless transmission. When multiple stations exchange data among themselves, it forms a telecommunications network.

In modern business of any size, telecommunications infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. One of the fundamental requirements of a business organization is the need for a reliable and affordable telecommunication service. Most companies look for internet connectivity and telephone lines. They need ready access to high bandwidth telecommunication systems.


They include network design and consulting, systems integration and migration, and network optimization services.


They consist of deployment, maintenance, and technical support activities of network vendors. This includes installation and commissioning, repair and replacement services, software upgrades, troubleshooting and technical support and training.


They are concerned with network outsourcing as well as hosted and managed application services.

Zerone Technologies provides telecom infrastructure expertise stretching across multiple, complex technologies and processes. Our aim is to provide reliable, efficient and flexible telecommunication services with emphasis on innovation and technology. Our services include everything from need assessment, selection of system, discussion, contract and installation to maintenance and customer care. We are Premium Partners to Alcatel Lucent which is leading the innovations in this networking field.


Our Strategic Partner program seeks to forge alliances with leading companies in the following areas:

  • Value-added resale of their products
  • Implementation and support

We continuously evaluate and add members to our list of partners to deliver the most effective and advanced solutions to our customers.