Business Intelligence

Power BI

Organizations can’t sustain today without business analytics tools. They connect to thousands of data sources and deliver insights to make the decision-making process easy.

When you are looking for a powerful BI tool that stands your organization heads and shoulders above the competitors; nothing is superior to Power BI.

It is a business analytics service brought to you by Microsoft, where users can create customized reports and dashboard specific to their needs.

Data connectivity is easy

With Power BI, you are always connected to your data; through cloud or in-house. You can use Hadoop or Spark; the much talked about big data sources.

Using Power BI Desktop, you get comprehensive data insights for widespread situations.  Data modeling and data preparation, the most time-consuming jobs, can be done instantly here.

 ‘Easy to understand’ features

Power BI brings a set of features that help your business analysts to dig deeper into patterns and trends. The features and tools offered by it are very easy to understand. Grouping, clustering and forecasting data is amazingly easy.

Those who are proficient in Excel can learn the features within no time.

Conceptualize and create interactive reports

When you use interactive data points in Power BI, making stunning reports is pretty simple.  You can use the available data visuals and drag and drop canvas, or you can create a customized visual framework as well.

The visual analytics offered by Power BI is for everyone who needs it. The reports are mobile-optimized, and they can be used using your handheld devices as well. Embedded reports can be easily integrated with existing apps, new apps, and websites.

Power BI redefines the way you use data analytics. It is the smart and swift tool of the modern era.

Oracle BI

Oracle BI tools and technology provide a broad set of capabilities for reporting, analysis, modeling, forecasting and it is the only solution that makes BI actionable by providing business users the ability to initiate actions directly from their dashboards.