Enterprise Voice Systems

Enabling a user for Enterprise Voice leads to several benefits like associating a telephone number with a user’s account, flexibility that is not available in PBX systems, seeing visual calls and the ability to mute, transfer or end calls by just clicking a button, call forwarding etc.


  • Call forwarding settings: Unanswered call is automatically forwarded after specifies time-out.
  • Call delegation: Users can delegate personnel to attend calls on their behalf.
  • Response Groups: Inbound calls can be directed to Agents who are part of group.
  • Call Park: The Enterprise Voice user can answer a call at one end-point, put the call on hold, ‘park’ it temporarily, and then continue from another location.
  • Private line: Having a secret number hidden from address lists and contacts, configured to ring with a different sound.
  • Archiving: Call data and reports can be archived.
  • Monitoring: Audio-video calls can be monitored.
  • Remote access: Completely seamless and consistent user access regardless of location.
  • Federation: Users can participate in video conferences, allows conducting business across organizations.
  • IM connectivity: Enables users to communicate with contacts using other public IM networks like AOL, MSN and Skype.

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