Zerone BPO

Zerone BPO is a Business Process Outsourcing Service Provider in International and Domestic Market. It has its nerve center at Pune (India).

A Company started by highly professional Business Entrepreneurs with modest business ethics is now ventured into BPO Services and is providing voice & data services across 4 continents and striving to move ahead. Zerone has started with 120 seats now which is scalable to multiple hundreds seats.


Quality Team

We have a qualified dedicated Quality team responsible for keeping checks on every sale made. The team briefs the entire floor about the CTQ’s & Latest updates as per the client requirement. They also keep a random check on sales that has been cleared by quality analyst. Moreover, team maintains daily login hours report, consolidated sales report, the disposition reports and any other report requested by customer.


Zerone BPO has professional and highly qualified staff right from Management, Administrative Dept. Operation Managers, Process In charge, Quality Analyst, Team Leaders & Team Coach along with Agents. All with experiences ranking from 1 to 20 years in Inbound & Outbound Voice based campaigns.


  • Mortgage
  • Telecom
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment


  • Customer Care
  • Chat Support
  • Mail Support
  • Order Taking

IT Infrastructure

Right from the start of operations, Zerone has invested wisely in leading and cutting edge technology that provides twin factors of scalability and Stability to our Operations.

Zerone has built strong business relationships with leading vendors for access to latest offerings and round the clock support.

IT Continuity

  • Daily data back-up, stored at off-site location
  • Common hardware spares in stock on location
  • Trained manpower as part of internal 24 X 7 help desk

Power Continuity

  • Dual high capacity UPS systems
  • Separate UPS feed for data center
  • Generator power back-up
  • Dual power supply units on switches and mission critical servers

Dialer Details

InterDialog dialer is an automated, predictive dialer that enhances customer interaction. This, in turn, improves the marketing capabilities of a Contact Center. It automates routine tasks giving Contact Center managers dynamic, real-time control over operations including campaigns, individual calls, and agent desktops. This helps the manager effectively manage customer interactions and responses with far greater efficiency.

Inter Dialog Reporting

This dialer is capable to generate customer centric reports. At present, following reports are being generated.

  • Agent Login Details
  • Agent Activity Details
  • Agent Call History
  • Agent CallBacks
  • Agent Performance Chart
  • Agent Call Report (Summary)
  • Agent Call Report (Detailed)
  • Agent productivity Report
  • Daily Traffic Report, category wise calls handled
  • Hourly call details, outbound report, Agent
  • Lead Performance
  • Dialer Performance
  • Track Sales, Closed, Verified, Confirmed Performance
  • IVR Activity, Abandonment Performance
  • Abandonment
  • Handle Time
  • Average Speed to Answer
  • MIS Report Weekly, Monthly Report Classification of calls, enquiry Or complaints category wise reports
  • Historical Reports (By Date and Time)
  • Export Reports to Excel Format
  • Customized Reports

Quality Monitoring Policy

Whispered assistance

Contact center supervisors provide whispered coaching to on-line agents. It results in a more concentrated and immediate solution when our agents are online with the customers. Moreover, test calls by prospective / existing clients are also readily welcome at all times.

Frequent evaluation

The monitoring team keeps a close eye on every agent and ensure the expected performance. Frequent evaluation of reports for every agent is carried out to judge their conformity with the script, product and the service-specific information.

Zerone BPO Advantage

Recruitment: Zerone BPO focuses on hiring the right talent from across the world to meet our clients’ requirements. To ensure this, we are following several recruitment techniques which help us to match the potential candidate profile with the requirements of clients.

Training: We have the state of the art training facility which ensures the proper training to the team and also make sure that necessary skills are adopted by them

Languages: We support wide array of languages including Hindi, English and multiple other languages.

Operational Excellence: Operational excellence comes by default in what we do. This comes from the joint efforts by quality team, operational team, field team and support team.

Information Security and Privacy: We understand the importance of this area and is also market differentiator and hence we invested in strong information security management system. Zerone BPO’s risk management team work closely with client to understand their privacy obligations and ensures that the same is followed.